"Thank heaven there is tomorrow. Because there is tomorrow, all our yesterdays have meaning and all our dreams have hope."

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 2012

May was madness in the Bailey home.  We did a bunch of really fun things and the month flew by.  Life seems to be leveling out a little more with the kids - but Jason's work schedule has been crazy.  Thank goodness we were able to find time to fit a few fun things in this month.

Jason and I did the Devil Dash 5k/obstacle course with a bunch of friends at the beginning of the month.  It was ridiculously difficult in the heat but we finished and had a blast.
(Thanks Matt for the photo bomb!)
Jack finished up his soccer season and I have to say - we were all a little relieved when it was over.  He and his friend Max had more fun wrestling and chasing each other than they did playing soccer.  Oh well, next year we will try again!

We also had a very dear and close friend to us pass away this month.  Our wonderful family friend and my dad's legal assistant of 27 years passed away unexpectedly.  We having all been grieving the loss of Kelley and the holes that her absence has brought to all of our lives.  She was truly a second mom to my siblings and myself.  I have felt so sad over the past week but one of the most comforting thoughts has been to think of Kelley and my sweet Gavin together.  I know she will be a wonderful Mama Kelley to him like she has been to us.  I love you Kelley!

Mother's Day was wonderful this year.  I know that I have been given the privilege of having three wonderful sons and they truly are the greatest joy in my life. 

On Memorial Day weekend we spent time at my parents' cabin in Southern Utah.  It was FREEZING!  The boys had a ton of fun exploring and running all over the place.  Jack took up his green tractor and he worked along with his Pa "fixing" stuff at the cabin.

When I think about Owen the words "a ray of sunshine" come to mind.  He is becoming more independent and can hold his own with Jack - but he is still the same sweet, sweet little boy.  He is so full of love and happiness.  Sigh.  I could just eat him up!

Oh my Jack Jack.  This kid has the most amazing sense of humor and knows just how to get me to laugh.  It's something he inherited from his father.  The other day I said a phrase I never thought I would say . . . as I got out of the shower I was drying off and Jack was standing right in front of my sticking his chewed gum into my belly button.  So these words ACTUALLY came out of my mouth, "Jack, get your gum out of my belly button."  Like I said, things I never thought I would say.  He also can be so sweet and genuine.  A few days ago I was carrying him up to his bed and I said, "Jack, what will I do when you are too big for me to carry?"  His response . . . "I will carry you then, mom!"  He knows just how to melt my heart.

We had a great weekend with my family doing the Ronald McDonald 5k Charity Run.  We took the boys with us and we all did great!  I even cut 8 minutes off the time I did at the Color Run in February!  WOOHOO! 
It is always so nice to do something in remembrance of Gavin.  Jason has TEAM GAVIN shirts made for all of us and we were happy to do something together that meant so much to all of us.

We wrapped up May in Salt Lake City with Jason's family.  Jack and Owen love, love, love their cousins.  We were able to attend Jason's mom's retirement party and spend a few days with family and playing with cousins.  It was a great time!