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Monday, November 15, 2010

Update on Baby Boy #3

A few random pregnancy musings from my mind today:

I feel a little neglectful already as a mother to this baby. I seem to be keeping so busy with Jack and all there is to do with being a mom and wife that I haven't had time to write about this new little boy joining our family.

This pregnancy has been the most physically difficult yet. I was super sick until I hit about 18 weeks and I can tell my body is already beyond tired and we are only at 25 weeks! Three babies in four and a half years will do that to you, I guess! I have had to rest a lot more this time than I have before. Maybe it has something to do with chasing an almost-2-year-old around all day too?

We have been following the baby closely with our regular OB this time. For various reasons we have decided to not go to a perinatologist this go around. It has a lot to do with the nerves that it brings for me. However, if there is ever ANY question about the baby we will immediately go back to the perinatologist. So far everything looks good and the OB is keeping tabs on me and this little guy. Towards the end of the pregnancy we will start the bi-weekly monitoring. How grateful I am for doctors who understand and cater to my craziness! However, I am sure he will be so happy when I am done having babies! HA!

The more I have gotten used top the idea of another boy - the more excited I get. I am so happy Jack will have a little brother to play with. He needs it. I need it! I am not quite sure I will handle two babies at home - but I am up for the challenge.

Our baby boy #3 still remains nameless . . . we can't seem to even THINK of a name we like. Poor little guy. Oh well, hopefully we can come up with some ideas by the beginning of March.

I pray this baby is healthy and happy. I even pray that he can be calm. I know it is a lot to ask for, but I am happy to be able to be a mother again.

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Brittanie said...

I did 3 babies in 3 1/2 years and it really is SO exhausting! And being pregnant with a toddler to care for is really so much more demanding than being pregnant without other children. When I conceived Patrick, I figured that since I had been pregnant twice before I knew what to expect. But it's SO different when you're chasing a kid around! lol

I'm glad you have a great doctor. I understand your reason for not going to the peri. I'm crazy when pregnant too. (((hugs)) Glad everything seems to be okay!