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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Box Angel Memorial

Last night was the annual Christmas Box Angel Memorial at the cemetery.
I can't believe this is the fourth year we have gone to this memorial.
I can't believe four Christmas have come and gone without our sweet baby Gavin here to hold.
The memorial is such a nice way to take some time out to remember him.
There isn't a day I don't think about him.
But it is nice to set aside a special night during this holiday season to remember Gavin and feel the peace of an eternal family and the comfort of a merciful Father in Heaven.
The grief comes and goes now.
It isn't as prevalent as it used to be.
But the emptiness of missing a child never leaves a mother's heart.
It is nights like this one that makes me reach for my husband's hand with the common understanding of what we are both thinking and feeling.
And not a word has to be spoken.

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T-Ray said...

I was laughing at Jack and Ho-Ho and now I'm crying. Man I miss that Gavin :( I'm sorry that the holidays are always a little bit sad for you guys.