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Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Second Birthday Jack!

Dear Jack,
Happy Second Birthday! It feels like just yesterday that you joined our family - I don't quite know how I existed without you. That is a feeling you will know and appreciate when you have your own kids.
I just love you so much.
This year has been quite a year for you! You learned how to walk, how to talk, how to feed yourself, play and socialize.
You go to nursery at church and love it. Every Sunday when I ask you how nursery was you get so excited and say, "Bubbles! Color! Crackers!" Your nursery leaders say you are a good boy.
At home you are a busy boy and always on the go. Sometimes I just can't keep up with you.
You want to "GO!" from the moment you get up. It's like I have to give you a list of things we are going to do during the day before you are satisfied and will start your day.
You love "Oa-meal" in the morning and we love to sit and watch Mickey Mouse Club House while we eat our breakfast. You love "Mouse and Quack Quack (Donald Duck)."
You also are only interested in a movie for about fifteen minutes before you want to watch something else. I am pretty sure our Toy Story, Snoopy and Lion King movies will wear out soon.
When we swing on the swings outside you like for me to say, "Pat Pat Pat Pat BLASTOFF!" and push your swing as high as it will go. You close your eyes and belly laugh. I love that sound.
You love playing with cars and trucks. And you love to spot big white trucks and yell, "Pa's truck!"
Jack, you are a fun and happy boy. You are determined and there is no mistaking what you want. You love life and exploring all there is to see. You are friendly to everyone and say "Hi" to everyone you meet. You are charming, intelligent and strong willed.

Although I am exhausted and sometimes overwhelmed, you bring the greatest amount of joy possible into my life. Every day I thank Heavenly Father that He sent you to me.
I hope you know how much you are loved by all those around you. You bring a smile to us all.
Please stay strong, obedient, faithful and kind. Stay happy, cheerful and smart. Live your life as an example of our Savior.
Life holds so much for you. And I want it all for you.

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