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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Funny Jack-isms

This kid is hilarious.
I mean seriously, he makes me laugh every day.
He must have gotten his dad's sense of humor.
So I decided I better write down a few of the funny things that have come from Jack lately.
1. Right before I had Owen, we all got sick with a bad cold. One evening I was giving Jack some Tylenol before bed. He wanted to see the syringe after. He then proceeded to lift up my shirt, expose my pregnant stomach, stick the syringe into my belly button and said, "Here baby! Medicine!"
2. The other night we were at my parents' house for dinner. My mom ordered Outback take out. When we pulled the bread out of the bag Jack started yelling, "SOME!" Which is his way of asking for something he sees. When Jason asked what he wanted, Jack said, "Some POO Dad!" Apparently he thought the brown loaves of bread were poo. Don't ask me why he thought he wanted some of THAT . . .

3. (I can't post a picture of this one . . . you will see why) A few days ago I was nursing Owen and Jack was sitting next to me on the bed. He was watching Owen with a perplexed look. Jack slowly leaned over to my arm, stuck out his tongue and licked my arm. He didn't seem to think much of my arm. HA!

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Mary and Dean said...

I love the last one. Too funny. Your little Jack sure is fun. My cousin has a boy named Jack and he is just as cute. I wonder if the name has something to do with it. Glad you are all doing well!