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Monday, August 1, 2011

Owen Is Five Months Old!

This cute rolly-polly is five months old!

He has been such a delight and joy in our lives.

Seriously, I wish I could just sit and cuddle him all day long!

Jack loves him so much and it is fun to watch brotherly love develop between them.

This month Owen:

weighs 17 lbs 7 oz (68%)

is inches 26 3/4 (80%)

had his head buzzed

has started drinking formula more often
has attempted rice cereal a few times

rolls over from tummy to back both ways

sits up on his own for a minute or two before he falls over

loves to swing and go swimming

loves it when Jack pushed him around in the walker

has found his voice - and it is LOUD

has started waking up in the night again . . . ugh

screams a blood curdling scream if Jack comes near him and no one else is in the room

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C C & R said...

Hey Lindsay! This is Chelsie (Smith) from the SUU days (I lived with Kristi and am good friends with Staci Bailey) anyway...I totally stumbled onto your blog and wanted to say hi. Your boys are beautiful! And I'm absolutely stunned by the amazing strength that you have after losing the first one! Amazing, just amazing.