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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jack's Eyelid Surgery

Jack had surgery on his eyelid today. In June his lid swelled up and looked like this . . . The doctors thought it was an infected sty, but antibiotics did not help it. It has kinda come and gone over the last few months. I finally decided to take him to an eye doctor. We had a recommendation from three doctors to have it removed. They called it a cystic tumor.

Unfortunately, Jack had to be put to sleep to remove it. :(

So, today was the day and he did a great job! It was a little intense (for a multitude of reasons) but overall the experience didn't traumatize any of us too badly.

Jack is now home and doing well.

Just trying not to touch his eye . . . and we are trying to deal with his drama-king-ness.


Kevin and Natali McKee said...

My husband is prone to these for some reason. If you see his eye starting to swell up put on repeated hot(but not too hot) compresses. We have an eye pillow for him. He's had to have them cut out several times and it is expensive.

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