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Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012

June has been a month full of fun for us!  The summer heat has hit Las Vegas and we found a few ways to escape and have fun.

Fathers and Sons Camp Out
Jason took Jack to his first camp out this month.  Jason said Jack was in seventh heaven.  The marshmallow roasting, sleeping in a tent, fires, collecting sticks . . . all of it was a little boys dream.  They came home dirty and smelly - but it was well worth it!

 Jack's Swimming Lesson
Jack did SO well at swimming lessons this year.  The past two year have been torture - like crying-so-hard-he-puked-in-the-pool-kind-of-torture.  Luckily, Jack has matured a little bit since last summer and he absolutely LOVED lessons this year.  His teacher was so wonderful - she let him set up his audience (see the first picture) and then the rest of the lessons went better than I expected.  Good job Jack!  You will be a little fishy by the end of the summer!

 Jack and Mom's Date
Jack and I went on a little mommy/son date one Saturday afternoon.  We went to go see Madagascar 3 and we had a great time.  Jack had been so excited all day and the second we walked into the theater, he froze and told me he was "too tired and needed to go home and take a nap."  I could tell he was nervous and I convinced him to see the movie anyway.  He walked at a snail's-pace to the theater.  However, about 10 minutes into the movie as he was shoving popcorn, fruit punch and candy into his mouth he said, "This is so fun mom!  I love you!"  Ahhh . . . music to a mom's ears.

 Newport Beach Get-A-Way
This month Jason and I had an early anniversary trip.  In July we will have been married 10 years!  We decided a four day trip to the beach sounded like a good and reasonable escape, so Jason's parents came to stay with the boys (THANK YOU!) and Jason and I had a wonderful fun and relaxing time.  He surprised me with dinner at the Melting Pot in our own secluded room with roses and candles.  So romantic!  xoxo
We spent the days at the beach, shopping, eating yummy food, going to the New Port Temple and riding a ridiculosly dorky bike up and down the boardwalk.  The trip was WONDERFUL!

Little Owen isn't so little anymore.  This month's well check up found him at a whopping 25 pounds! (Jack is 29 pounds!)  He has developed such a fun and sweet personality.  He has started mimicking everything we say and loves to try new words.  His favorite right now are "Owen" "Thank you" and"Sorry."  It is darling to watch him grow and interact with Jack.  They fight like crazy but know how to play too.  I just love this kid! 

 Cool Dudes
Jack and Owen got some new sunglasses this month and they are just too cool for words!
Church with a three and one year old is TOUGH.  I find myself dreading the thought of finding ways to entertain them at church every week.  (shhhhh . . . )  However, we know how important it is for us to be there - so we go.  This is one of the best ways we have found to entertain them.

Jack has had a few accomplishments this month too!  For starters . . . he (finally) pooped in the potty!  (He will hate me in years to come for this.)  We have struggled with this aspect of potty training for a long time and then one day Jack went in the potty!  He got the pillow racer scooter (in the pic below) as a reward.
Oh, and he also loved his blue tooth like his Pa!
All in all, I would say it was a pretty good month!


Malia said...

Wow Lindsay! I love your updates. Your boys look like so much fun and they are as handsome as ever. :) 10 years looks good on you and Jason - glad you got a get-away! I miss you guys!!

Jodi said...

this is so cute lindsay. we missed you guys at the family reunion.