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Sunday, November 4, 2012

October 2012

Mexican Rivera Cruise
At the beginning of the month Jason and I went on an AWESOME trip with super great friends and no kiddos!  That's right.  A full week of just adult time.  The girls and I calculated we had 21 meals where we actually got to sit and eat without running around and force feeding children.  I missed the boys so much, but we had so much fun with our friends and with each other!  It was a great time full of SO many funny stories and a lot of time relaxing on the beach and deck drinking (virgin, of course) strawberry daiquiris, laughing, photos and reading books.  It was a great week!

 Halloween Festivities
We spent a large portion of our weekends at Halloween festivities this month.  My two little pirates did trick or treating at ward trunk-or-treats and went to a few parties as well.  We went to pumpkin patches, carved pumpkins, went to the Spring Preserve and attended awesome Halloween parties.  Jason and I dressed up as a tooth and the tooth fairy - you know we can't pass up Halloween without dressing up for the adult party as well!

 Gavin's 5th Heaven Day
October can be an intense month for our family as well.  On the 28th, it was 5 years since our sweet baby Gavin passed away.  I remember thinking that I would never make it a year - let alone 5 years.  It's amazing what time does for healing.  There are still painful moments and I still miss him so much - but our day was filled with so much peace.  These past five years have been such a learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to grow.  I feel peace when I remember Gavin's passing now.  It is a beautiful and sacred memory for me.  It is mixed with grief and pain - but somehow, the Atonement and the mercy of our Heavenly Father has changed the memory to be filled with peace as well.  It's amazing how our Savior can help us carry our burdens if we will let him.  I am grateful every single day for a sweet baby who has blessed our home and has taught me about true love.  Yes, I miss him.  Yes, I still cry some days.  And yes, I have bad moments.  However, peace has been filling my emptiness and I am grateful for the part Gavin still continues to play in our home and our family. 
Jason and I spent the morning on the 27th at the Temple and then went to lunch together.  I am beyond greatful for a husband who has stood by me.  He is an amazing man who blesses my life so much. 

 These Boys . . .
Here are a few snapshots to show how these boys are growing . . . I adore them.  Never a dull moment in the Bailey home!

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Kaydee said...

This was quite a catch up! What a fun cruise and darling Halloween...You are such a good Journalist and I have already told you I look up to you and Jason for your strength so much..