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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Month Old

I can't believe Jack is already a month old! My sister in law was down here a week ago and took some awesome one month pictures of Jack. We got a few with mom and of course a few with a soccer ball for dad . . .

At one month old Jack is:
- attempting a schedule (haven't mastered that yet)
- sleeping about four hours at a time at night
- grunts all night even in his sleep
- smiling
- making cooing noises
- holding up his head
- eating . . . a lot (at our last doctor's appointment he weighed close to nine pounds - I bet he is over 10 pounds now)
- has a bit of a reflux problem
- can scream and cry with the best of 'em
- has a crying fit every day from about 5:30pm to 8:00pm (poor Jason has to hear it from the minute he walks in the door from work)
-has been on one grocery shopping trip and behaved!
- likes to go on morning walks
- had his first babysitter . . . Grandpa Dave!
- has spent a three day weekend at Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Dave's cabin
- has been on a road trip in Grandpa Dave's big truck
- likes to be cuddled
- loves the Baby Mine Lullaby CD and Jack Johnson's Brushfire Fairytale CD
- makes momma and daddy very happy and grateful every day


The Strand Family said...

How sweet :) He looks just like you!! LOVE the baby sweatshirt ;)

Brittanie said...

Oh, he's so beautiful!! And it sounds like he's doing everything a one month old should be doing. Sorry about the screaming fits though...hope you figure out what's bothering him!

LuDLoW LiFe said...

Wow, one month. Where does time go? Oh wait you have newborn, I know where time goes. Feeding, changing, cuddling, loving that little guy! He is so cute, I'm sure you guys are enjoying him so much.

Teresa, Brandon and Xander said...

Girl....where is his SUU sweatshirt??? It looks like you guys are doing so well....I may have to get with you to do a refresher course....this all seems so foreign to me!