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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jack Is Three Months Old

I can't believe Jack is already three months old! In some ways it feels like forever and in other ways it feels like I blinked and he grew. I have commented over the past week or so that I don't have my "newborn" anymore - he is growing up.
This month Jack:
is holding his head up
laughing and giggling a lot
sings VERY loud when we sing to him
loves to take naps in his swing
sleeps from 11:00 to about 6:30
still hates tummy time
has started to DEMAND attention (he yells at me if I am not looking at him)
needs to be with me every single minute
can stick out that bottom lip until it breaks my heart
cries less but still has his fussy times at night
loves to play with mom and dad right before he falls asleep

This last month Jack has also:

Gone to Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Dave's cabin

Helped dad decorate his room

takes lots of naps with dadHelped decorate big brother Gavin with Easter decorations
Spent Easter weekend with the Bailey Family in Salt Lake City
Had a visit from the Easter Bunny who brought him a new bouncer seat and books
Wore a cute new Easter outfit

Every day I find I am more and more grateful for this little monkey in our lives. He has helped heal part of my broken heart and has helped us find joy in so many small things.


carly said...

lindsay, he is SO cute! i love the picture of him asleep on jason. so happy for you guys.:)

Caitlin said...

That first picture is so cute - his squinty smile. I love his Easter outfit, too.

Malia said...

I miss him. :) I'm so glad we got to meet that little guy. Give him a kiss from me.

Kevin and Natali McKee said...

Oh he is cute. He looks so much like his Daddy

cassi said...

Oh that first little picture of Jack is SO cute!! I love Gavin's Easter decorations!

Erin said...