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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jack Is Ten Months Old!

I know I am a little late posting about Jack's 10th month. Just blame it on the approaching holidays . . . that is what I blame everything on right now!This month Jack:
- has had two more teeth come in . . . the top left on 10/21/09 and the top right on 11/12/09. This makes a grand total of four teeth!

- has learned to stack blocks inside his farmhouse toy
- LOVES his bubble baths

- will actually SIT STILL for more than two minutes to look at this FABULOUS book his Aunt Trish bought for him
- loves to dance (basically moving his arms while his body stays still) to the "Hot Dog" song on the Mickey's Mouse Clubhouse show
- loves to hear his voice echo on our walks in the morning
- loves swinging on the swing set
- is eating almost all foods now!
- loves to watch the Ohio State Buckeye football games with his dad . . . and then nap on dad's chest after
- says MAMA and DADA and is directing it to us
- says Zezus when we talk about Jesus



T-Ray said...

Jack- you can't grow up for a few more weeks. As soon as I get there you can keep growing. I miss you Jackie Chan. Can't wait to chill with you and your padres!

Seymour Butts said...

The best picture is the bubble bath one! haha