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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bea and Bawh

Right now Jack sure loves his "bea and bawh."
Last week I lied to Jack's pediatrician.
He asked if Jack was off the bottles.
I lied and said, "Of course!"
The truth however, is that I don't wanna let that go yet.
Jack could care less what he drinks from.
But it's the only time he sits still with us.
Drinking from what Jack calls his "bawh" and cuddling with what he calls his "bea" is too special to give up on yet.
Maybe just one more week? . . .


Malia said...

BEA!?! Oh, how that made my heart happy to hear someone else calls their blankie a bea. Eventually, I suppose, he'll have to give up the bottle (no hurry, if you ask me), but never EVER take away that bea. :) :)

Holly said...

I always took the binky away at 12 months and the bottle at 18 months. You do what's best for you two.

Jessi W said...

I know what you mean. It is fun to watch them get older and gain new skills but it is hard to give up some things too. Justin is so wiggly I haven't just cuddled him or rocked him to sleep in a long time. In a way, this last while when he's been sick was nice because I got to do a lot of cuddling.

Kristee said...

These jerk moms at the office make fun of me EVERY.DAY. for Ellee still having her "pacy becy". She LOVES her pacifier for bedtime and really, I don't want to take them away. They are jerks and I don't care! :)

Brandon and Teresa R said...

I agree with you on the bottle....that's the one time we can cuddle MAx too!! IT's so hard!!