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Friday, June 11, 2010

Torture . . . I Mean Swimming Lessons

We have started swim lessons for Jack.
The kid has no fear of my parents' pool. Thus, swim lessons have begun.
Right now Jack is learning to roll to his back and float. The instructor is trying to teach survival in case Jack were to fall into a pool.
Frankly, he hates it.
All the kids do.
In fact, he cried so hard yesterday that he puked in the pool.
Just like all the other kids.

Our instructor is so sweet and patient. Even with kids screaming in her ear for hours a day.
Jack is actually doing very well. I think I have a little fishie on my hands!


T-Ray said...

Oh :( his face makes me sad. But I think it is important for kids to have swim lessons. It's a must!

Malia said...

You can one day show him a picture of me and tell him that I didn't ever learn to swim and have been an embarrassment to myself ever since. He'll thank you. ;)