"Thank heaven there is tomorrow. Because there is tomorrow, all our yesterdays have meaning and all our dreams have hope."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Four Boys

Having Owen in our home has been such a special time. Newborns bring such a sweet spirit into a home. Perhaps it is because they just came from Heaven.
Today we decided to go decorate Gavin for St. Patrick's Day. It was a beautiful day and I felt so much love for these four boys as I took their picture. Each one of them has blessed my life so much.
Lately I have been thinking about the way life has played out for our family. I commented to Jason that Heavenly Father knew what He was doing when He placed each one of my boys into my life. In one way or another - each one has helped me more than they could imagine.
It has been a true testimony to me that He knows us and He knows what we need. He also knows what we can handle and He knows when to give us a little "break." He knew at each pivotal point in my life what I would be able to accomplish and who would be there to help me.
I know He knows me. I know He has watched over our family and I know He loves my boys.
All four of them.


JMW said...

Thanks for your testimony. Your words and the picture of your boys touched me.

Brandon and Teresa R said...

seriously, this picture, is priceless, precious, all of those kinds of words. It's gorgeous. I seriously can't tell you enough how jealous I am of you and all your boys, I hope with all my heart that my next one is a boy, they are so fun!! Congratulations again, your family is beautiful!