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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Owen Is Three Months Old

Three months have flown by and my newborn is no longer a newborn. He is a baby. And a happy baby at that! I told Jason the other night that it is ironic that the third time around is so much more relaxing and . . . even (dare I say it?) easier. Just when I think I am done having kids, this little guy comes along and makes me remember how wonderful it is to sit and hold a baby.

And the smiles he gives me . . . well, they are worth every sleepless night.

This month Owen:

weighs 14 lb 4 oz

is 25 1/4 inches long

started sleeping from about 9pm to about 5am (most nights)

eats like a champ

has reflux and is on medication for it

smiles and coos A LOT

got his first bloody nose from his big brother "accidentally" falling on him

sits up in his Bumbo seat

kicks like crazy when we lay him on his back

opens his eyes SO wide when he gets excited

loves his swing

is losing a little bit of his hair on the side and back of his head

loves to watch Jack

is still so cuddly

is a happy baby and so incredibly lovable and kissable (okay, seriously? this face is hilarious! what a little fatty!)

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