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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Youth Conference

I haven't had a chance (or the brainpower) to post about Youth Conference, so I am a little late on this one. Youth Conference is a weekend where the 14-18 year old youth in our church get together for a weekend of what hopefully will be uplifting fun and spiritual learning. It was two weekends ago and after lots of planning and preparation - I think I can say it went well. I don't know exactly why Jason and I were asked to help plan Youth Conference since neither of us have had that much experience with things like this - but I am glad we were asked. I was pretty overwhelmed and anxious when they asked us (with another couple) to be in charge of the Friday night kick off. I won't bore everyone with the details, but I am happy we did it and happy it is over now! I think we all know how that goes . . .

And on a side note - the Sunday after Youth Conference I was asked to teach the 12-13 year old girls in our ward every Sunday. Hmmmm . . . they say we are prepared for all things. Should have seen that one coming!

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