"Thank heaven there is tomorrow. Because there is tomorrow, all our yesterdays have meaning and all our dreams have hope."

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year Resolution

Every January 1st I have a running list in my mind of all the things I am "resolving" to do that year. Ususally, the list is deatiled and almost identical to the list I made the year before filled with high aspirations and determination to make myself a better person. This year I have ONE resolution.
We have had so many changes in the past few weeks and we have a few more big changes ahead of us. This is my year to embrace change and be happy with all the different aspects of life that awaits us.


carly said...

can't wait to hear your baby news! i told amber i have been checking your blog everday!
your christmas stockings remind me of the ones we have. does someone in your family make them for everyone?

T-Ray said...

That is a very good resolution. I think I need to work on adapting to change.

nathansara said...

Hello there. First of all you don't know me, but I while back I was what they call "blog-stalking" and came upon your blog. It touched me in so many way of what your little family had been through this past year. Every so often I check on you to see how life is coming along. Tonight as I checked I decided to read from the very beginning of your blog to see how the events unfolded with your little boy Gavin. As you can see by the time of my post I have stayed up into the early hours reading your entries. I have been moved by what experiences you have had and how you put it all into words. You said that is was a form of journaling for you, but you both have touched many lives not only with family and friends, but with those who happen to come upon this blog. I know it sounds silly to say "Thank You" for writing what you have, but I really do mean it. Please take care and my prayers are with you both and this new little one who is coming to join you and make you guys a family of four.

-Sara Farrer