"Thank heaven there is tomorrow. Because there is tomorrow, all our yesterdays have meaning and all our dreams have hope."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Today I Am Thankful For

Little eyes that see
A little nose that smells
Little ears that hear
A little mouth that smiles
And a love so big
It's hard to imagine life before my two sons.


Natalie.Rob.Branson said...

I found your blog tonight through the angel babies blog. I sit here, tears streaming down my face as I read through your posts about your beautiful little boys. Gavin and Jack are both so cute and lucky to have such amazing parents.
Thank you for sharing your story. It gives me hope and lifts my spirits to see your family.
This year on July 1st our first little guy, Branson, returned home to Heavenly Father. We miss him more than words can express. The journey of loosing a child is unique...so hard, but so rewarding. It took us five years to concieve Branson after strugglin with infertility. We are currently trying to get pregnant again. We move forward in faith that the we will be blessed with another spirit to join our eternal family. Seeing your Jack has given me hope.
The pictures of him and your husband tear at my heart...it is so beautiful, and I can't wait until my husband gets to do that.
Congrats on the newest member of your family!

Ashley said...

I think it can be said that your baby is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Wow, just every part about him is perfect. I still am so happy that this blessing has been sent to you. Every time I think of you I am so happy for you! And I don't even know you!

Carrie said...

Isn't it amazing how much you appreciate that their little bodies work!?! Life is fragile and these last few months I have been in awe how healthy and perfect L's little body is. What a beautiful and powerful blessing. I am just so happy for you and Jason.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey & Jason,
I came across your blog several months ago and have been a lurker since. Your story about Gavin's life has touched me in ways I cannot explain. I am the mother of two boys and though I have not lost a child, I am surrounded by grief and loss through my job. (I am in no way saying I know how you feel, just that your words really touched and inspired me). I have been excitedly awaiting the arrival of Jack and am thrilled to see your happy, healthy, beautiful little son. You are amazing parents to both your children and I wanted to thank you for sharing your story and also for being an inspiration to me. I wish nothing but the best for you. I send my love and prayers daily.
Jamie Newman

The Strand Family said...

Jack looks just like you Lindz!! I'm so glad that you guys are home & doing well. We can't wait to visit and meet your little one :)

Hamilton Family said...

Jason and Lindsay,

I'm so glad everything has gone so well. I can tell you are enjoying Jack, probably more than most parents enjoy their new babies. He is so cute. Soooo Cute. I know that we live far away, but we love you guys so much and I know it has been a while since we talked, but I think about you so much. I love your blog and I read it all the time. Just wanted to say that we love you and look forward to more pics. Also, I have a gift for Jack, can you e-mail me your new address.

Love ya!