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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jack's First Haircut

The time has come. Jack has had his first haircut. Thanks to Aunt Lauren who did a FANTASTIC job!
A few "before" pictures "You are gonna do WHAT to my HAIR?!"Last look at the mullet.


What a handsome boy with his awesome Aunt LarLar!


Catherine Webb said...

The first haircut is always the hardest. Lauren did a great job. He is so dang cute! I am so glad too that he is sleeping in his crib. What a relief for you guys.

T-Ray said...

You look good Jack!

Malia said...

Very good job...handsome as ever. Did it break your heart to cut it? I held my breath!

Teresa, Brandon and Xander said...

i LOVE little boys with lots of hair! Xander had 3 haircuts by the time he was 1....by me! i never thought to lay him down like that! so cute mom!

Scott, Amber, and Landon said...

oh my gosh he really does look older. I don't see the little guy for a couple weeks and he looks all grown up. Sooo cute by the way and I think you made the right decision.

larmortensen said...

That was the sacrriest hair cut of my life!! I don't think I've ever been so nervous! ha ha.. And I love that pic at the end. Send that to me please!