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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jack Is Five Months Old

Time is an interesting concept with a baby. The last five months have seemed like an eternity and yet at the same time it seems like it was just yesterday that we brought Jack home from the hospital. Every day I fall more and more in love with him. He still has some "behavior issues" (as I like to call them) but he is so fun to play with now. He interacts so much and is developing a very strong personality. I think it's cute . . . Jason rolls his eyes and says, "Yep, just like his momma."

This month Jack:

stopped nursing - he weaned himself over a week and then wanted nothing to do with nursing at all. I was sad, but at least feedings aren't a battle too much anymore.

has learned to eat cereals - he loves rice cereal, oatmeal, and mixed grains

has learned to love a little bit of prune juice mixed with his cereal (ulterior motives there on my part)

has learned to stay sitting up without help, but still will tip over after a few minutes

loves to sit in his Bumbo seat on the island while I make dinner and talk to him

has learned to ooch all over the floor

can roll around like a little roly poly bug from tummy to back and back to tummy

has attempted the "Mogoli" walk (you know? from Jungle Book? He buries his head into the ground and stands up on his feet so his cute bum is in the air)

loves his silky blankie by his face when he falls asleep

has slept through the night (10:00pm to 6:00am) three weeks in a row

thinks it is hilarious when I cough

has learned to fake cough and thinks HE is hilarious

smiles great big smiles to anyone who stops to look at him in public

can scream louder than any baby I have ever been around

still loves his swing

does a puppy dog pant

has a crush on Annie from "Little Einsteins" (he smiles and squeals whenever she talks on the show . . . he must have a thing for blonds)

hates church with a passion - I mean, how does he know the difference? We make it through the first 30 minutes and then I spend the rest of the meetings walking OUTSIDE with him because he is screaming so loud I can't even roam the hallways)

looses his temper with his toys - especially if they don't fit into his mouth the way he wants them to

has pretty good screaming fits followed by big smiles and laughs - yeah, not sure what that is all about, but it is EXHAUSTING!

has been to the water park

has been swimming

like to go on walks

still has bad reflux and other digestive issues

has his first haircut and already needs another

I love being Jack's momma. He has brought so much happiness to our family. Not every day is easy or ideal, but I love this whole "mom" thing.


Amy said...

He is sooo cute! Just a warning though about the bumbo....my friend had her baby up on the counter in one and turned a way just for a SECOND and her baby fell off and hit her head on their travertin floor and have to go to the ER!!! So be careful! :) He is adorable!

Jessica said...

What a cutie! I can't wait to see him (and you and Jason) this weekend!

Brittanie said...

Oh he is just the cutest month! I know what you mean about it feeling like an eternity, but being just yesterday. I feel like that too!

On a completely random note, my youngest sister Nyssa knows Becca. Apparently they were in high school together (I had totally forgotten that you are from Vegas). I have your blog on my angel mommy blog list on my blog and she saw it. So...small world huh?

Brittanie said...

okay, so my first sentence makes no sense. Sorry. I skipped an entire sentence there. "He is just the cutest thing. What a month!" is what it is supposed to say.

T-Ray said...

I love how cute he is. I just want to squeeze him.

cassi said...

seriously what a little cutie!

Kaydee said...

He is so sweet in his argyle (sp) sweater. His room is so cute and I still love the primary prayer story. I hope all is well and we will see you on sunday.