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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Don't Lose Your Shirt!

No, we aren't going for "that" look - I just have a hard time keeping a shirt on Jack right now. He is in a spitting and drooling phase. If I give him a sippy cup with water he lets it all fall right out of his mouth onto his shirt. Little punk! It means we are going through three shirts a day. So, today I gave up. He is going shirtless while he drinks from his sippy cup.


Matthew said...

Is this supposed to be a punishment that he isn't "allowed" to wear a shirt? It is a privilege to not have to wear a shirt!
P.s. This is your brother Matthew... apparently my name shows up below this because of my new email address????

T-Ray said...

He looks so cute with his little jeans. He is growing up so fast.

Emma said...

Yup I would have done the same thing. He is so cute!!!!