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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Fourth of July was a HUGE deal to our family when we were kids. We would spend the day swimming and then hours lighting off fireworks that we had carefully picked out and placed in order from smallest to largest.
I thought it was so fun that we are able to carry on this tradition with Jack. Last week Aunt Becca and Grandpa Dave (otherwise known as Pop Pops) took Jack to pick out fireworks.
(Maybe I am in love with this first picture because Pop Pops and Jack have the same "hair-do" HA!) Dad teaching Jack how to throw Snaps.
Grandma Cindy and Jack

Jack was so funny with his expressions while he watched the fireworks.
The kid has no fear.

Thanks Grandma, Pop Pops, Aunt Becca and Uncle Matt for a fun filled day of fireworks, swimming, naps, good food and "The Sandlot."

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Kaydee said...

So fun! He is so cute!! You are also such a cute wife! Look at your cute posts to Jason!