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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 18 Months Jack!

I'm a little behind in posting about Jack turning 18 months - but here it is!
July 14, 2010 Jack hit the 18 month mark!
I just can't believe how time is flying.
He is so much fun and so full of personality.
He knows exactly what he wants and stays determined.
I sure hope that characteristic sticks around.
Even though it is difficult to deal with as a toddler, I can imagine that sense of determination will benefit him as an adult.
I just love him to pieces.
We decided to take Jack out for his "birthday" so we got Happy Meals at McDonald's and then bought this car for him.
He looooves it!
Jason even personalized his license plate for him.


Malia said...

I only brake for Mama. I LOVE it. I cannot believe he's already 18 months!! WOW!!

T-Ray said...

Jason- I would love a new car. And, a personalized license plate would be great. You can have it say whatever you'd like :)
He is so cute. I just want to squeeze him. Happy 18 months Jackie Chan!