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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Third Birthday Gavin

Dear Gavin,

Happy Birthday my sweet little bug! Today you would be three years old! I woke up this morning and looked at the clock. You were born at 10:01am. This morning I looked outside. It is slightly overcast, hot and even a little humid. Just like that day three years ago.

Three years . . . I can't believe it has been three years. Gavin, I hope you know that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. You have influenced me to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and person. Days like this are a good reminder of the things that are truly important.

I am grateful for my time with you. You were a miracle. I remember speaking with a physician after you passed away about your condition. He said that most children with the problems you had never make it through pregnancy or birth. Yet, we were given three months to know you. Although, sometimes I wish that you were given the miracle of a healing - I now understand that your three months and your fight to stay here were our miracle. I have learned that even when the Lord doesn't answer our prayers exactly the way we want, He grants us other miracles and tender mercies to bless our life.

So, happy third birthday! Jack and I went for doughnuts this morning and have cuddled on the couch watching Curious George (Jack's new favorite show). I wish you were here to join us. Maybe you are . . .

I love you with all my heart and I know your daddy does too. You are a special special boy who holds a very sacred and dear place in our hearts and family.

Have a happy birthday in Heaven.

Your Momma


T-Ray said...

I love you Gavin. I miss you so much. Please know that I think of you often. It doesn't take much for your cute little face to come to mind. I am so proud to be your aunt. Thank you for blessing my life.

Malia said...

Gavin has blessed so many lives. I'm so grateful for him...and his momma. Happy birthday, little guy.

Linsey Jackson said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Gavin! I can't believe it has been 3 years since I was honored to learn of your amazing life and story. Hope you're having the greatest party in heaven!

Brittanie said...

Happy birthday Gavin! I hope you've been close to your family today as they remember you.


Our Family said...

Happy 3rd birthday.