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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Iron County Fair

We spent a fun filled Friday and Saturday at my parents' cabin in Parowan so we could go to the highly anticipated Iron County Fair. It's kinda a tradition now.
This year we dressed up Jack in his "cowboy" attire . . . boots, hat, jeans, the whole nine yards.

Jack was big enough to ride in the train all alone!
Sniff Sniff
My baby is growing up . . .

. . . maybe he didn't like so much after all.
And we, of course, had to end the night with some fried food from the fair.
Here is Jack telling his PopPops all about it.

And this was how we spent the rest of that night . . .

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-erika :) said...

How fun. We took our girls to the Wash Co fair a few weeks ago and they loved it. I bet it was even better with a Pop-pops though! (and Gr Cindy.)