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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Three Sons

Today we found out that our new little baby is . . . another BOY! I really thought that we were getting a little girl this time - but I am so happy and so grateful for this third boy! I am happy that Jack will have a little buddy.
So far, everything looks healthy with the baby and that is what I was most concerned about. My knees were shaking as I waited for the doctor and I felt such a weight lifted as they went through the organs and noted that as of now, everything looks just the way it should.
There is nothing more humbling to me and nothing that makes my heart more full of gratitude than to know that I have been given another child to nurture and care for.
I am one happy, relieved and grateful momma today.


Our Family said...

So very happy for you.

kurtisandaubrey said...

Yay! Im so excited for you guys! Oh and Im going to call you like today, hopefully!

Henich Family said...

What a lucky guy to have 2 older brothers to watch out for him. I feel bad for the little girl you will have though. Growing up with all those older brothers...she won't have a chance with all those boys wanting to take her out. :)

Carrie said...

I love the My Three Sons title!! So sweet. We are so happy for you guys.

Brandon and Teresa R said...

this is seriously so good to hear (er read), and might I just add that it make me very hopeful, my dream is to have 3 boys!! Anyway, congrats to you, little boys are so fun (as you know!) and you are such a wonderful,very deserving mom!

cassi said...

Congratulations on your third BOY! How exciting!!