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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Family Comedian

My boys are always making me laugh.

I guess I encourage them a little . . .

So, it shouldn't have been a surprise when this conversation occurred at bed time the other night.

Me : Jack, do you want mom or dad to rock you tonight?

Jack : Hmmmm . . .(thinking and tapping his chin with a pointer finger) BABY OWEN!

HA! He is trying to avoid bedtime at all costs, I guess!


LuDLoW LiFe said...

Love their little personalities... Your boys are growing up so fast, they are too cute!

T-Ray said...

Smart boy. When my mom would ask Jason to help her with something, he would always pretend like his knee popped out of place and lie on the floor feigning agony. I'm afraid Jack is taking after him.