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Friday, April 8, 2011


I feel like we have been "missing in action" from the real world for the past two weeks. Jack has had a really nasty virus and the stomach flu for seven days. Our carpets were covered with every blanket in our house and we had buckets strategically placed all over as well.

A puking two year old is NOT fun!

And, as we are learning with two kids at home, when one gets sick the other does as well. We aren't sure if Owen picked up the virus or if he is choking on his reflux. In any case, the doctor was pretty proactive and has set us up with breathing treatments and reflux medication. Poor little guy! This is scary for a paranoid mom like me!


Mary said...

So sorry your little ones are sick! We are going through something similar. Our 5 year old daughter was sick, then our 6 month old rainbow baby started coughing too. He was started on breathing treatments as well. Even though it is such a noninvasive treatment, I was paranoid and a little uncomfortable too. We were around so many medical things with our son Gage so now any machine seems scary. It's so hard to not get scary thoughts in our heads now! Hopefully all our babies will get well soon:)

Carrie said...

Oh that is such a sad scene. Although, you look beautiful!

Brynn said...

Oh poor little guys! My two little boys are almost the same age(s)? as yours, and we have been through the same kind of thing but with resp. viruses and daily trips to the hospital with the baby for treatments and suctioning. So not fun! Hope they are feeling by better now!
Owen looks so adorable in his blessing outfit. I love times like those. We are blessing our baby this Sunday too.