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Monday, July 11, 2011

And The Food . . .

And last, but definitely NOT least . . . I had forgotten how GREAT food is! Being a mom of a baby and two year old significantly limits food choices. I was so excited to sit down to our first meal because it didn't consist of Mac 'n Cheese, hot dogs, ham sandwiches or McDonald's. (Bryndi's at Belden Alley . . . the BEST pesto-y olive oil and bread I have ever had!)

(Brandy Ho's Chinese Food was great!)

(Jason enjoyed some fish and chips at Neptune's Palace on Pier 39)(And desert was a MUST have when I learned about the lava cake available at Neptune's Palace)

(The last night we went to Lark Creek Steakhouse and enjoyed a super yummy and fancy meal ending with the most delicious desert I have ever had. . . a chocolate, almond toffee cake with vanilla ice cream.)

PS - The love note from my super hottie husband was a plus. :)

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