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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Gavin

Dear Gavin,

Happy 4th Birthday! It is amazing where life has taken us over these last four years. Your birth and time with us here on earth changed everything. Sometimes I thought we were given the difficult hand in life with losing you - but I have come to realize that this has and is and will be one of the greatest treasures and blessings of our lives. Of course I desperately miss you and wish I could look into those big blue eyes every day - but I know where you are. You were welcomed home into the arms of our Savior and our Heavenly Father. You are with them and so many other loved ones. I am grateful for the knowledge and the knowledge that you are happy. And while life here without you may seem long and a bit lonely at times - there are precious moments I can still feel you by my side as I learn to mother these two sweet brothers of yours. Please come be with us often.

I love you Gavin. You were my first baby and the love I felt for you is one of the most remarkable feelings I have ever had. You are my sweet little bug and I can't wait to one day see your happy face again.

I love you bug.

Your Momma

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T-Ray said...

Beautifully written!