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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jolly Old St. Nick

Jack and Owen saw Santa last night.

Through Jack's crying/screaming/terror he said, "I want a green tractor!"

This picture is one for the books!


Malia said...

Okay, we are mean, but Scott and I are laughing our heads off. What I love most is that he felt he HAD to sit on his lap in order to get his tractor. LOL!!!

T-Ray said...

I can't decide if Owen was in a daze or if he was wondering what Jack was screaming about.
This is a classic for sure. Jack better get a green tractor because if it doesn't happen, I'm not sure he'll give Santa another try.

Jodi said...

ha! i love that owen is looking at jack, thinking, why in the world are you crying? so cute.