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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy REALLY Belated Birthday Matty

I admit it . . . I am a bad big sister. I dawned on me yesterday that I never did a post about my brother Matthew's birthday! Ummm, and his birthday was in JUNE! Matty is the the youngest of my siblings. He's a riot and makes me laugh all of the time. When I was pregnant with Gavin and really sick, Matty walked into the living room where I was laying on the couch and started an improv serenade with his guitar and a song about pregnancy. Thinking about a (at the time) 15 year old boy singing about pregnancy symptoms still makes me laugh. Matty's sense of humor has always been one of my favorite traits, but he also has a very sweet and compassionate side to him as well. This summer my parents' ward went on a pioneer trek for all of the youth ages 12 to 18. They were divided into families and each family was given a "baby" to take care of during their time in the northern Nevada wilderness. Apparently, Matthew became fairly attached to the baby and this picture was taken of him one evening after a long day of hiking. I thought it was so sweet that Matty would take "care" of this doll when he could easily pass it off to another person in the family. I have high hopes for my Matty. You will be a wonderful uncle, husband and father. I love you my Matty.


Mathias Stromboli said...

That is a very sexy of a very sexy young man. Notice the D&G glasses upon his face that when he set down someone sat on! Good thing they were fake :-)

Jessica said...

I have brothers just like him. They are always making me laugh. I haven't been on the computer for a while and I missed Gavin's birthday, so I just wanted to tell Gavin, Happy Birthday! All the decorations were so cute. I love the cake. I love your basket idea. You're so creative and fun.