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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lance Armstrong? Is That You?

Jason finally got a chance to ride his new bike this last weekend. It was a birthday present (from February) but it has taken us awhile to get all the "gear" for him to ride safely. That's my only stipulation to the biking hobby - it has to be done safely. :) I know, I know . . . I worry too much.

Saturday morning he went out for a little over an hour and when he came home the first thing he said was, "This freaking hurts my butt!" HA!


Anonymous said...
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The Strand Family said...

Funny moment...the other day I was inputting student names and there is a Bailey Lindsey. I had to take a second look & laughed! Just thinking of you.

Marcae said...

He looks like such a pro!! Glad he's enjoying his new ride!
BTW..I love the prego pictures. You look fabulous and happy as can be. I don't particularly like pregnancy pictures either, but looking back...I'm glad I have them!

T-Ray said...

Love the outfit. Very official. :)