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Monday, November 10, 2008

7 Months Done!!

Here is the monthly picture. YIKES!!
I know I am so nerdy for posting these. I'm just happy that the baby is still growing! It's a sign that things are looking good.
We are now officially done with seven months of pregnancy - only about ten weeks left.Done with 7 months! YAY!


T-Ray said...

Lookin' good girl! Lookin' good!

debbie said...

I wish (now) that I had taken pictures when I was pregnant. I think I have ONE picture of me pregnant, and it was from when I was pregnant with Reagan. If it is nerdy, then I wish I was a nerd. (And I wish I looked that beautiful pregnant!!)

Malia said...

7 months and lookin' awesome! You're so cute! And you will never in a million years regret taking these pictures. NEVER!

Scott, Amber, and Landon said...

lookin good hot mama! We need to hang out soon. We miss ya! So excited that there is only 10 weeks left!