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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sisters Weekend in San Francisco, CA

A few weekends ago my sisters and my mom and I went to San Francisco, CA for a four day trip. We had such a fun time. We had a weekend full of laughs, delicious food, entertainment and shopping!
Here are a few pics from the weekend. Wicked was soooo fun!

And this store was right up our alley . . . pink from carpet to ceiling with jewelry everywhere! We were all in heaven.
As we walked out of the store a woman tried to sell us some scented soap called Rockstar. She told us we would be like rockstars if we used it. Good thing Lauren was there to correct the lady . . . she said, "We don't wanna be rockstars - we wanna be Barbies!"
How true that is!
And of course, we had to ride the trolley's around.
Does this house look familiar?
Danny Tanner, Uncle Jessie and Uncle Joey?
It's the Full House house!
Chocolate covered bananas from Pier 39.

It was such a fun trip! Thanks mom and dad for making it all possible for us.

And lots of love to Jason who stayed home with Jack.

According to the text I received from Jason half way thorough the trip - I have "super powers" I am hiding from him since I take care of Jack and the house all day every day. He found out just how difficult it is to stay home with little kiddos!


Our Family said...

Way to fun.

Carrie said...

That looks like so much fun. I am glad you got to go enjoy yourself and take a much needed break!!