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Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Halloween Party

Every year our friends have an adult-only Halloween party.
The stakes are high and excellent costumes are a must.
There isn't much I can say for this post. The pictures pretty much say it all . .
Who You Gonna Call?
ARGH! The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man attacked our house!

What? What? Look at that butt!


Brittanie said...

That is one of the most hilarious costumes I've ever seen. Cracking up over here. You both look great!

Heather and Billy said...

Haha!! I LOVE it! I have been so anxiously waiting for the costume pics. I've been trying to figure out what you were planning to do with white sweats (where'd you get them anyway?). And what I want to know is how on earth he sat down or got in the car in that costume?

Patti said...



Matty said...

I knew Jason had a little junk in the trunk... hahahaha

T-Ray said...

Oh snap. That is a big bum! I love it. You two are hilarious with the costumes. I seriously look forward to what you will do each year. Mad props!

Angie&Blake said...

Those are AWESOME costumes! Way to go! LOVE IT! You guys are awesome! Have a fantastic Halloween!