"Thank heaven there is tomorrow. Because there is tomorrow, all our yesterdays have meaning and all our dreams have hope."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stand Steady and True

This morning I woke up thinking about the decisions we were faced with two years ago today and I was inspired to read what I had written about Gavin during his final days with us. As I was going through my journal I came across this quote that I must have heard shortly after Gavin passed away.
I think it speaks to many of us, for different reasons, at different times.
How blessed I am to be a daughter of God, to understand the gospel, to have a patient and loving husband, to have an eternal family, a beautiful son to watch over us from Heaven and one here for me to squeeze and kiss all day today.
Heavenly Father has blessed me with tender mercies and a special blessing of peace today.
I have a broken heart and yet, I am grateful for all I have and will have someday.
"Discipleship does not guarantee freedom from the storms of life. Even as we are wending our way carefully and faithfully along the straight and narrow path, we encounter obstacles and challenges. There are days, perhaps even months and years, when life is just hard. We experience our fair share of adversity, heartache, loneliness, pain and grief - sometimes it seems more than our fair share."
"What do we do when adversity strikes? There is only one thing to do. Stand steady and see it through. Stay steadfast, constant, and true. The real tragedy in the whirlwinds of life comes only when we allow them to blow us off our true course."
- David S. Baxter (Ensign, November 2006)


Amy said...

LOVE that quote!!! I'm sorry that you have to have these sad memories. :( Thinking of you and hoping you are encircled with peace.

Catherine Webb said...

I sat at work today taking care of a little kiddo who reminded me in some ways of your sweet little Gavin. You know how much I loved your little bug. He always brought a smile to my face. His soul was so sweet and so tender. I am so grateful for those tender moments I had to share with him. Thank you for sharing that quote. Standing can be so hard at times - especially when our days turn to months and even years. Lindsay...thank your for being such an incredible example!!!

Malia said...

I am sending you so much love right now. I hope you're feeling at least some of it. I have no doubt Gavin is sending you even more...and I hope you feel every bit of that.

April said...

You amaze me. Thank you so much for your words. Today my little Harrison would've been 1 year. I bet they are both celebrating in Heaven together. The past few days have been hard but I heard the 1st's always are. You are a wonderful example to me. I hope you have a good day and have peace in your heart. Being that I am pregnant again it is hard but I know I am blessed. Your in my thoughts and prayers today.