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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

12 Reasons Why I am Crazy About Jason

He makes me laugh - Anyone who truly knows Jason knows that he has quite a sense of humor. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't find myself laughing because of him.

He is such a hard worker - Full time advertising career, MBA school at night, family and church . . . where does he find the time?

He likes a clean house too - We are neat freaks to a fault. Someday I know that's gotta change . . .

He is my travel buddy - Jason loves a good adventure as much as I do. We have fun everywhere we go, whether it's to Hawaii or to Cedar City for a weekend get-a-way.

He is the "class clown" - Jason can break up any contention with humor. It's a true talent he has . . .

He knows how to calm me down and loves me anyway - I am an anxiety freak. I freak out over everything. He lets me be the crazy girl I am . . . and then helps me calm down. He's kinda a miracle worker. :)

He loves a good car dance contest - What's a car dance? Well, Jason loves to bust-a-move in the car while driving. With a little bit of persuasion he can get me to join too.

He will let me win a tennis match every now and then - Yeah, most of the time he beats me, but he knows when I NEED to win a match.

He is intelligent - Really in every aspect, Jason knows what he is doing.

The crinkles around his eyes when he smiles - Have you never seen his eyes when he smiles?! It's one of my favorite things about him!

He is a faithful priesthood holder - I can always count on him to build our "spiritual fortress" at home.

He is Gavin's daddy - He was the perfect father for Gavin and Gavin was the perfect son for him.

These are just a few reasons I love Jason . . . but really, I could go on and on.


Theresa Rodriguez said...

That was really really cute! I am so happy for you. By the way the last picture of him holding Gavin is so cute. How precious!

T-Ray said...

You two are perfect together. I love Jason because he isn't afraid to tell his niece that he blew a hole in the wall when he "tooted."

Devin, Morgan & Antigone said...

That's so sweet! And I'm sure Jason loved to hear it. We all need to hear why we're loved every now and then. :)