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Monday, January 21, 2008


I finally have a chance to blog about our vacation to Hawaii! It was so nice for us to get away and just "be". The past six months have been a whirlwind of up and downs and we really needed time to take off and recuperate. It was nice to leave everything behind and have it just be . . . us. It was the first time in a LONG time I have felt like I was able to relax and "deal" (if you ever can) with the events that have surrounded our lives. We had great intentions of surfing, exploring, snorkeling, etc. but when it came down to it - we just SAT. However, we were sitting on the beach, so I guess that is okay. :)
Here are a few (yes, these are just a few) of the pictures from our week in Hawaii.
Amazing picture, huh? Jason and I spent the evening debating over who took this picture. I am still pretty sure I did.
We stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island (thanks dad for the Hilton points) It was such a GORGEOUS resort. You had to get to your suite tower by a tram or boat. It was truly an escape from reality.

Nothin' like a little Tiki Man love!

Jason and I went and bought sunglasses with the money we had put aside for surfing so we could sit at the beach for longer amounts of time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

On the Waikoloa Resort's beach they had hammocks set up in between palm trees. Yeah, that's where we spent about 80% of our time! Lazy, I know . . .

Just havin' fun!

One morning we did venture out of the resort and we did a temple session at the Kona Temple. What a cool experience.

And one night we went sailing. A word to the wise . . . don't go sailing on windy nights. That's all I will say about that.

We rented a convertible this time. Yes, don't laugh . . . it's a Sebring. Apparently they were all out of Mustangs AND PT Cruisers! Just call us Michael Scott!

We took this photo at a black sand beach.

One of the days we drove to the volcano. It's supposed to be one of the world's most active volcanoes. Jason is standing by one of the steam vents in this picture. On the two hour drive back I found out Jason was pretty disappointed in the volcano. Apparently he expected more than a large hole in the ground . . . I guess he envisioned little tiki men dancing around spewing lava. Hmmmmm . . .

The lagoon at our resort had about six or seven sea turtles you could swim with. It was a lot of fun.

Here we are at the National Park "Place of Refuge." In "ancient" days people who were accused of crimes could escape to this point. If they made it here the priest freed them of all their trespasses and they were deemed free again. I think that means a little more to me now - it truly was a place of refuge for us.

Ok - I hope I haven't bored you with all of these pictures, but we really had a good time.


T-Ray said...

I'm not even jealous. Nope. Not one bit.

Malia said...

Me neither...not at all. Who wants to be tan and sit on the beach all day? I'm sure it's both of you that are jealous of our 2 feet of freakin' snow. Blah! I am actually extremely glad you had the get-away! How awesome - you are beautiful, by the way.

LuDLoW LiFe said...


I have been sitting here for the last hour reading your blog and bawling. You and Jason are such amazing people! Gavin has taught so many peole some great lessons, including myself. Thank you for posting your journey of Gavin's short but amazing life. I am so glad that you were able to go to Hawaii and get away. It looked like you guys had a blast. I hope we can keep in touch through this blogging thing.

@J & Je$$i said...

Looks like you had an awesome trip. I love the pictures and you and Jason looked like you had so much fun. I am a vacation junky. I am always craving a trip where I can go and spontaneously do what I want when I think it up! How fun. (Also I like the Seabring. We need more Office episodes quick! Let's end the writer's strike!)

Devin, Morgan & Antigone said...

So much fun!! For telling me how much you sat around, it sure looks like you went to a lot of places. :) You guys deserved a week off.

Devin, Morgan & Antigone said...

Oh yeah...so did you love having your new camera?! Looks like you got some good ones. :)