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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve Wii Tournament

Most people who are in Vegas on New Years Eve are partying on the strip . . . but the Mortensen family. . . we play the Wii! We had a lot of fun on New Years Eve with my family. Grandma made dinner, dad made a PHENOMENAL raspberry dutch oven cobbler and then we had a Wii Bowling Tournament. We bowled for a free airplane ticket - yep, that's right. . . a free airplane ticket to anywhere from dad! Jason set up the brackets and we all joined in the fun. Much to our surprise . . . Grandma was an amazing bowler! Infact, the final championship was James against Grandma! James won, but he said his heart was racing because of his competition from Grandma. After the bowling tournament, we sat in the jacuzzi and stayed up until midnight. It was so much fun!
Here are a few pictures from the eventful night:

Lauren, James, Jason and Dad started off the tournament

We love how dramatic mom gets bowling!

The championship duo - Grandma and James

Becca and her boyfriend Stephen


Malia said...

Ha ha - we played the Wii on New Year's, too! Your mom looks just like me when I bowl - go girl!

Cindy said...

Hey Lindsay...this is Cindy Shirley. My mom gave me your blog address so I have been reading through your blog. It is so beautiful. And I have to say that Gavin was a beautiful baby boy. I had never seen a picture of him. You both are amazing and so strong. It is crazy the trials Heavenly Father puts us through to test our faith. Our little Brooke had a scare a few months ago and it truely gave me a stronger testimony in the power of prayer and fast. You are great and you have a fabulous family behind you. On a much happier note...I am glad you had a fun New Year! Now we can keep in touch through our blogs. Mine is shirleyfamily5.blogspot.com Talk to you soon.

Theresa Rodriguez said...

Okay those pictures look like you guys had so much fun. We love the wii too we played it at my aunt Georgias house new years eve also...fun stuff. I beat dave at boxing and he was not about to have that so we played again and he destroyed me...anyway it was so fun. By the way becca is so beautiful. so crazy she has a boyfriend...she is still like 8 in my eyes. And i dont know if u knew that I know james girlfriend lauren too. We went to school together and were friends. Small world. xoxo

@J & Je$$i said...

Wow! I wish a free plane ticket was the prize for the Mays Christmas Wii Bowling Tournament! I won! You're right Grandma is a killer bowler, she bowled a 195 during our game! The Wii rocks!