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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dear Jack

Dear Jack,

Today you turn six months old! I can't believe all you have accomplished already. You have been such a blessing to our lives. Your smile and laughter helps us find joy in life and your sweet hugs and loves melt our hearts. You came to us at a difficult time in our lives. Your pregnancy was full of anticipation and worry. But, here you are. Healthy and happy - just like we prayed for. We are so grateful for you.

I am sure you spent and continue to spend time with your big brother Gavin. Jack, you are a very fortunate boy to have a big brother who will always be able to watch over you. I hope you will always make good choices so you can feel his presence.

Jack, you are a delight to so many people. You are a miracle in our eyes and a blessing to broken hearts. Your intense and bold personality makes us laugh and makes us crazy. You love to move around and explore your environment. I love watching you grow and progress. I love to watch you try new things and experience new places. I love to see your big grin and hear your belly laughs. That is music to my ears.

I hope you know how much you are loved. I hope you know that you have been a faith building experience for me and a tender mercy in my life. There is nothing I would rather do with my life than to be your mother. I love you Baby Jack Jack.


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