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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

August 4, 2009

We were scheduled to take a family tour of Dubrovnik, but after Jack's charades in Venice, Jason and I decided to take the bus into Old Town Dubrovnik and explore on our own instead of being trapped for four hours on a bus with an irritable baby. It ended up being a great day for our little family and we had a blast! Croatia is actually a place I would like to go back to - SO beautiful. (The view of Dubrovnik from our ship balcony)

The entrance into Dubrovnik's Old Town felt medieval and full of history. I had no idea Croatia was so beautiful.

Ummm . . . we don't really know who this statue is of - but it looked pretty cool!

The streets were small and croweded with stores and tons of pizzerias and restaurants. Vehicles are not permited inside this area of Dubrovnik so we were free to roam around on foot without the worry of being hit by mopeds. Heh heh heh. Jack ended up LOVING the front pack we brought for him as it allowed for him to see more and feel less restricted than he did in the stroller. We noticed there were not many children in most of the cities we visited so Jack was treated like a celebrity! People would come up to ooh and aah over our little guy. He sure knew how to turn on the charm for them!

Around noon we noticed big storm clouds coming in over the sea and we decided to sit and enjoy some lunch before we headed back to the ship. We were sitting outside at a pizzeria when the waitress suggested we come inside before the storm hit - because when the storm hits people rush into the first shelter they can find. We enjoyed a REAL pizza (not the american stuff we love) topped with three kinds of cheeses, parsley and tomatoes. We also quenched our thirst (hahaha) on some warm Coke Light. No diet Coke in Europe my friends. It's all called Coke Light and it does taste different.
Well, the waitress ended up being right and the storm started to move in to the town. Jason thought we should dart back to the buses and I suggested we stay and stick it out. He argued against that and I am sure glad I listened to him. It started raining as we hiked our way back to the bus and we did the best we could to cover Jack in the front pack from the rain and wind. As soon as we boarded the bus a huge crack of thunder hit and the storm let loose. It rained SO hard and so much that the pedestrian stairwells turned into waterfalls (literally) and hail the size of small rocks started falling. The bus driver said Dubrovnik hadn't had rain for months and months so this was not normal weather at all. My poor family was stuck in Old Town Dubrovnik when the storm hit and they all came back drenched.

Cutest two boys around Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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The Loesevitz Family - said...

Okay, first of all, you look AMAZING. My baby girl is 14 months and I STILL have to lose the baby weight! Second, Jack is so stinkin' cute! Third, I am so jealous! You look like you had so much fun! You and your hubby deserved it. I am so glad you had such a great time, and girl - way to market those italian ice cream things (galato sp?) I want one!