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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii, Italy

August 9, 2009

Our last stop on this day was Pomepii. This is an ancient city and one of the world's most famous archaeological excavations. In 79 AD Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered the thriving city of Pompeii with volcanic ash and pumice stone. This city was full of temples and mansions of wealthy inhabitants who desired to escape the turmoil of Rome. The volcanic ash and stone completely covered this city and they have been working on unearthing it for many years. A portion of the excavation is available for tours and exploration. I don't know why I assume people who lived that long ago weren't intelligent . . . the picture below proves me wrong. The streets of Pompeii was where their sewage and waste drained. They placed these large stones at intersections so pedestrians could cross the sewage filled streets. So smart.When archaeologists started digging around Pompeii, they discovered that when the volcanic ash covered the city it made casts of the inhabitants as well. These are real people who's bodies were sealed in a cast of ash. In some places you can even see their bones poking through the cast.
This is a cast of a pregnant woman. Kinda makes me tear up.

(Lauren, Becca, Jason, Me, Matt and James in Pompeii)

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Pompeii Italy said...

Pompeii is an amazing historical landmark. Its been year since I visited there, but the impression is still alive. The restored ruins are amusing for their story frozen in the bricks and the casts of bodies, which recall the loss of the port city back to life. I think everyone should go and experience this incredible city.