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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

August 10, 2009

When in Rome . . . act as the Romans do . . . and roam around . . . or so says my husband. Jack stayed with Grandma Cindy on the ship while we toured through Rome.

We first started at the Colosseum. It's so crazy to think that the gladiators fought here. Jason was thrilled to be in one of the first sport stadiums.

After the Colosseum we went to Trevi Fountain. Who knew a fountain could be so amazing?And I threw a Euro in for luck and to return to Rome.

More gelato . . . and more pizza . . .

Our final stop of the day was the Vatican. This was the place I was the most excited to visit. I couldn't wait for all the art, history and architecture. I was disappointed that our tour didn't leave much time to explore. Just another reason to go back!
Inside St. Peter's BasilicaThis sculpture (La Pieta) by Michelangelo is found in St. Peter's Basilica. I loved one of the tour guides interpretation of the the various La Pieta sculptures Michelangelo created. In this sculpture Mary is holding the body of Christ after the Crucifixion. Apparently Michelangelo loved to invision this scene. He had lost his mother at a young age and it's as if you can feel the tenderness and longing Mary feels for her son. I am not aware of anywhere in the scriptures where Mary holds the body of Christ after that Crucifixion - but I can imagine that she, just as any other mother, would want to hold the body of her son. It was a very insightful explanation of this piece of art.

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