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Monday, August 17, 2009

Jack Is 7 Months Old!

This last month has flown by. We have had a fun filled month of traveling on airplanes, boats, buses, cars and trains. Jason and I also learned that a "vacation" isn't really a "vacation" with kids. Don't get me wrong, Jack was a BLAST to be with on our trip, but we now know that if we want to relax, we have to do it sans kido.

This month Jack is:

- crawling on his arms and toes . . . kinda odd, but it's pretty cute and he can move like the speed of light

- says MAMAMAMAMAMA - but I don't think he associates it with me yet. It's just a noise he likes to make.

- has developed the most ear piercing scream if he doesn't get his way (we are attempting to break that habit with a form of time out - I think it's working for the moment)

- laughs like crazy when he is too tired

- eating all kinds of foods

- sits up without any problems at all

- can sit up on his own from laying on his tummy

- can be a total charmer in public and the minute we get home he can turn into the most cranky little guy (the last two pictures show his dual-personality)


Malia said...

He can NOT be 7 months old already? I seriously can't believe that! He is adorable, of course.

Kristee said...

HOLY MAN. I LOVE the last two photos... so great. And I'm right there with you about "vacation". They down right stink sometimes and you just have to chalk it up to making your child "well rounded" and "tolerant of new surroundings". Next time; I'm just going to rearrange the furniture. Forget planes. :)

Steve, Misti, Madison, and Mason said...

That is so funny. But he is so cute. I still can't believe how much hair he has!

Tiffani said...

His hair is getting so light! My kids' hair does the same thing... they come out like eskimos and by a year old they are total toe heads. He's adorable. His smile is beautiful. Time really does fly!

Teresa, Brandon and Xander said...

holy cow, he is so stinkin cute. Isn't it fun??