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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy
August 2, 2009 and August 3, 2009

The evening we arrived in Venice my parents' offered to watch Jack while the rest of us went to explore Venice at night. Sigh. It was romantic . . .

Our gondolier liked to drink while he was taking us around the city. Guess there aren't any drinking and steering rules in Venice. HAHAHA! I crack myself up.

He was pretty funny and told us all about gondolas and those the people who work them. Apparently, only certain families are allowed to build the gondolas and certain others are allowed to row the gondola. He told us that he was a fourth generation gondolier . . . while he drank his beer . . .

I also had to have my first scoop of gelato that night. YUM! That was one of many this trip . . . you'll see!
The next morning our family went on a tour of Venice. We began in St. Mark's Square where we visited Doges' Palace, St. Mark's Cathedral and a Glass Showroom where they make Venetian glass. We took Jack with us on this excursion - but somewhere on the walk from the pier and Doges' Palace he lost his "inside voice" . . . oh wait, he has never had one of those. Grandpa David took him outside and wandered around until Jack fell asleep. Grandpa's a great. :)

St. Mark's Cathedral

I loved this sculpture in Doges' Palace. A momma with her two boys.

Jason and I standing in the place where to Doges (who were the governors of Venice) would greet their visitors.

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