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Monday, December 14, 2009

Jack Is Eleven Months Old!

It is crazy to think that last December this boy was in my tummy kicking and punching and rolling around - causing all kind of havoc for me and my body. Well, eleven months later he is still kicking and punching and rolling around and doing so much more - thank goodness he has more room than he did last December!

This month Jack:
- has learned to climb the stairs without help (always supervised though)
- loves to play with other kids
- talks all the time (must be my child)
- loves to play the scaring game (he yells. we scream. he laughs)
- has taken a few steps on his own without holding onto anything
- crawls around the house yelling, "DADADADADA!" all day while Jason is at work
- cuddles with mom and dad (finally!) for about two minutes before he goes to bed
- when he gets mad he crawls around with his forehead pressed to the carpet in frustration
- scrunches up his nose and breathes really fast when he is all done eating
- has tried to crawl on top of his highchair to get over to the island in our kitchen (THAT was scary!)
- would rather feed himself than let us feed him - however, he still has me hold his bottle . . . or maybe that is ME wanting to hold his bottle (What? Is it that bad?! HA!)
- does a funny little arm-swinging dance when he hears music - even in church!

All in all, Jack is a pretty good kid. We have our moments where we want to pull each other's hair out but I am just crazy for this little guy who is so full of life and personality. I mean, who could resist this . . .

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carly said...

such cute pictures. i LOVE the first one!!! :)