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Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite Things

These are some of Jack's favorite things: He worked so hard at lining them up on the stairs. Of course, his "bea" is a must have. That blanket is a necessity. Also, the "Ah-ah" (monkey) and the "OOOhhh" (elephant) have to be by his side when we rock him before bed. It's a funny thing since he is so insistent on having them piled on my lap, and then the first thing he does in his crib is throw them over the edge. The piggy bank is a fun toy that sings - and well, he thinks the noises the pig makes are hilarious.

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T-Ray said...

I sure do miss you guys. And seeing all of your cute pictures of Jack makes me want to visit soon. I'm glad you'll be here for Thanksgiving. Any time spent with you guys is always a bright spot for me.