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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sundays With Jack

See this face?
Pretty dang cute, huh?
Let me explain something about Sundays in our house right now. . . They are miserable.
Don't let the smiles fool you.

I just feel like all we do all day is battle Jack. Church isn't until 1:00 and that may sound good, but it is smack-dab in the middle of Jack's nap time. He doesn't get a nap on Sundays and I know that is the reason he screams and wrestles us all through church. Both Jason and I spend a majority of Sacrament meeting walking the halls trying to coax Jack out of tantrums. We chase him up the aisles. And even try walks outside. Nothing seems to appease him during that hour.
However, they say the two hours he spends in nursery . . . he is an angel.
Go figure.
All I know is Jason and I count the hours until bedtime on Sundays.
Please tell me I am not alone on this one!


Kevin and Natali McKee said...

Sundays can be so rough! Just today I was in a deserted room while my son screamed his head off. It is my general rule to not let them down so that outside of Sacrament is not a game but I felt impressed to just lay him on the ground today. He squirmed for a while and then came and sat on my lap and we went back in. It helped my 4th boy (always the boys) to practice at night. He used to run around so we started keeping him on our laps for scripture time at night and that really helped church time. Some weeks are just so rough! At least he is good in Nursery! We always have to stay in nursery because they are scared and cry.

Henich Family said...

Oh the 1:00 church....we have it too. It is the worst. Aniston is so cranky and yes it is a fight. She struggles to go in nursery but once in there she does just fine. At home is where the fun begins...crying...tantrums...and yes more crying until bed time. Then she doesn't sleep good when she finally does go to bed. I can't wait until January and we switch times!

JMW said...

Nope, you're not alone! Sometimes I ask myself why I work so hard to go and stay at church. But I want him to be there even if it is a wrestling match. I'm counting down the months until he can go to nursery and move around a little more.

Moozoo said...

I have silently followed your blog since the birth of your adorable Gavin. You are an amazing young mom. I have 5 and my oldest is 29 and my youngest is 18. A simple thing to do is to but Jack in the car and drive around the block. He will fall asleep and then you can just hold him in Sacrament meeting. When he wakes up then it's off to nursery.

T-Ray said...

Since I have actually been in Sacrament Meeting with you and Jack I know that he is a handful. I will say that it cracks me up that as soon as he hits the nursery that he is all smiles. We are never too young to learn how to manipulate :)

Brandon and Teresa R said...

I was just telling Brandon that Sunday's are BY FAR the hardest, most exhausting days of my week....and I even have Brandon home to help...they are my roughest days too, you are NOT alone!

kurtisandaubrey said...

I am SO with you on this one! Our church is at 11 and it seems to mess up both of Avery's naps. By the time it comes time for her to go to bed I breathe a huge sigh of relief!